• Alina Shevchenko


    I worked as a videographer in an English language school, also know how to work in a team, my last projects were just teamwork. I have experience in designing websites in different areas from travel agencies to shipbuilding companies. Giving 100% of myself to work. Honestly, I really need a job right now. Thank you!

  • Yuliia Kovalevska


    My focus is on working with digital advertising materials, creating aesthetic products that meet clients requirements and design concepts. I love an effective working design and passionate for clean, minimal, intuitive interfaces.

  • Sasha Havrilyuk

  • Mariia Titova

  • Maria Bolinder

  • Kirill Lazarev

  • Iryna Rezanenko

    Hello. My name is Ira, I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. Please, help me find a job.

    I completed a web design course at one of the biggest design school in UkraineOnline Institute Projector.

    As a beginner-level designer, my main upsides are the ability to identify professional growth areas and quickly improve my hard and soft skills. I am a proactive and reliable team player, aimed at achieving the best results through collaboration with other designers, managers and third parties.

    Despite being relatively new in the design sphere, I’ve got solid experience in the digital industry and have a good understanding of underlying business needs. I know how to effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders, understand differences in target audiences.

  • Arsen Igorev

    Hello. My name is Arsen. I’m a Ukrainian web-designer. I would be grateful if you could help me find a job.

  • Anna Sozutova

    Hello. I’m web-designer and I from Kharkov Now I am in a safe city and I really need any work. I can do an interface unique and comfortable for every user.

    I attach my link of my portfolio by this message. Please write my, I am ready by any suggestions.

  • Andrii Kolodiazhenskyi

    My name is Andrii.
    I work with Web and UX / UI, but I have different experience in the field of design: branding, banners, printing, etc.
    I create both desktop programs and sites, landings and mobile.
    What I’m looking for: a cool team that does no less cool projects that I want to talk about.
    Or project or one-time work.

    I create Web and UI in Adobe XD and Figma.
    I own Illustrator and Photoshop professionally.

    I create and have experience with UX / UI:

    Business card sites
    Landing page
    Many page sites.

    I also create the graphic design:

    identity (logos and corporate identity)
    printing products;
    e-mail design

    I create a simple animation in After Effects.
    Sometimes I work in Premier Pro.

    One of my latest projects: https://figma.com/file/AfFiDBZDMoZv9t4UxB5MXo/velio?node-id=0%3A1
    Examples of my work: https://behance.net/andrew_portfolio and https://instagram.com/endru_designer/