• Alina Shevchenko


    I worked as a videographer in an English language school, also know how to work in a team, my last projects were just teamwork. I have experience in designing websites in different areas from travel agencies to shipbuilding companies. Giving 100% of myself to work. Honestly, I really need a job right now. Thank you!

  • Anna Krempoha


    I’m a brand designer and UI/UX designer. I specialize in clean, professional graphic design.

    My work includes not only working with graphic materials. Is based on studying the company and the product, the market and competitors to create a current brand identity that will work as a business tool that will attract consumers
    and improve the status of your brand. Therefore, let’s create together a unique identity that can have a positive impact on your business for many years.

    I can do:
    • Brandbooks • Logos
    • Brand Guidelines • Print Layout Design
    • Packaging design • Brand patterns
    • UI/UX design

  • Tony

  • Illia Tofanchuk

    I’m a young enthusiastic freelance designer based in Kyiv.

    I’ve been learning graphic design on my own since high school and feel very curious about improving my skills and extending them to the UI/UX field. I enjoy learning new things and constantly develop myself. I find inspiration in discovering new places and communicating with interesting people.

    I like solving difficult design problems and turning every challenge into valuable experience. I am motivated and dedicated to grow professionally as a UX designer.

  • Vikoriya Snigur

    UI/UX designer;
    Experience from 2 years;
    Knowledge of Figma, Tilda, Photoshop programs;
    I can turn ideas into effective design;
    Knowledge of modern web and mobile design trends;
    Enthusiasm, motivation for self-development and a positive attitude;
    Knowledge of typography, grids, color schemes;
    Attention to detail;
    Ability to start working immediately;
    English: Pre-Intermediate; Russian excellent; Ukrainian is excellent.
    Time management skills and focus on deadlines

  • Yana Bytsko

    My name is Yana. I’m UX/UI Designer.
    Due to the war in Ukraine, my husband and I were forced to leave Belarus due to possible mobilization, and now I am actively looking for a job as a web-designer.
    I would be grateful for your advice and suggestions.
    Regards, Yana

  • Vitalii Zakharenko

    Hi, my name is Vitalii.
    I am from Ukraine, I am 29 years old.
    I am a UI/UX designer
    I have experience working with websites and mobile applications, as well as closely cooperate with developers to implement our projects.

    Due to the situation in my country our project was frozen and our IT department was disbanded, so now I am open to new offers.

    My works https://figma.com/file/AZMXqWji5b0KxqKJkhGloS/My-works?node-id=318%3A3633

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Mariia Titova

  • Iuliia Strakhova

    My name is Yulia. I’m designer from Ukraine. Currently I am looking for a job. I have been working as a graphic designer for 4 years, but I decided to grow. I’ve graduated from Beetroot Academy UI/UX 5 months design courses and got new skills to start my career as UI/UX designer.

    I have experience in creating logotypes, printed materials, social media design, banners and landing pages. I work with Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Tilda.

  • Dmytro Svitlichnyi

    I’m a UX/UI designer focused on Web Development and Motion Design with 4+ years of experience.
    Able to work efficiently both individually and in a team.

    My skills:
    Strong knowledge of the grid, composition, color theory and typography.
    Motion design (ideascriptpre-productionproduction)
    Web Development using Webflow and Tilda
    Internet marketing skills

  • Bogdan Simokop

    Hello, my name is Bogdan, I’ve started my career in design.
    I studied at the WayUP school of Andrey Gavrilov. I am confident of using Figma, less confident with Adobe products, I can learn everything easily.

    https://behance.net/leandsgn my portfolio.

    Please consider my candidacy for this position. Now I am studying at the IT Academy “Step” for the position of UX / UI, in March 2022 I will finish and will be a confident Junior UX / UI Designer, I am looking for a job for experience in commercial development, at the initial stages I am ready to compensate for the lack of skills and knowledge with the volume of work and pay more the rest of the time this. Thanks in advance for your attention.

  • Anna Nezdiyminoga

    I am a specialist in the field of graphic and user interface design.

  • Andrii Kolodiazhenskyi

    My name is Andrii.
    I work with Web and UX / UI, but I have different experience in the field of design: branding, banners, printing, etc.
    I create both desktop programs and sites, landings and mobile.
    What I’m looking for: a cool team that does no less cool projects that I want to talk about.
    Or project or one-time work.

    I create Web and UI in Adobe XD and Figma.
    I own Illustrator and Photoshop professionally.

    I create and have experience with UX / UI:

    Business card sites
    Landing page
    Many page sites.

    I also create the graphic design:

    identity (logos and corporate identity)
    printing products;
    e-mail design

    I create a simple animation in After Effects.
    Sometimes I work in Premier Pro.

    One of my latest projects: https://figma.com/file/AfFiDBZDMoZv9t4UxB5MXo/velio?node-id=0%3A1
    Examples of my work: https://behance.net/andrew_portfolio and https://instagram.com/endru_designer/

  • Anastasiia Mudrak

    I’m Ukrainian UI/UX designer with 1 year experience. Now I work remote in fintech company UnityBars.
    I’m wait for your answer.