A platform that helps creative community fight injustice and discrimination.

Born out of necessity and desperation. Born to give voice to those who are displaced, overlooked and forgotten. Our mission is to provide tools and resources for creatives to join the fight against the struggle of injustice, prejudice and wars.

We must share personal and vulnerable stories of creatives, so the world can’t ignore us any longer.Stanley VaganovFounder

Too much -ism and not enough action. Besides wars there are problems of racism, ageism, sexism, that continue to affect our creative industry. It is time we take a stand and make it uncomfortable for the policy makers to continue to ignore these issues.

No Shelter Here

There are many ways to join the fight and help us build a movement. Please read through all the options carefully.


Create a profile so you can be contacted for work. Share your personal stories on our platform to make a difference.


If you want to join our platform as a volunteer please get in touch. We can use the help.


Post a job offer. Connect with creatives. Tell us how you combat injustice in your agency.


Help us tell our story and stories of our creatives.
Help us shed the light on the issues by featuring us.

This is a platform that tells personal stories of creatives to help combat injustice and discrimination. A strong community that looks out for one another. A place for opportunities and resources.

Our mission is to give voice and opportunities to the creatives during the times of global uncertainty, injustice, racism and war. Our soldiers are the creators. Our arsenal is our minds.

Our tactic is to provide the world with designs of truth – not agenda driven, media memes that are aimed to further separate the people.

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We need all the help that we can get to make this platform a place of impact. If you think you can help and want to volunteer your time please contact us.