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  • Alexey Kovalyov

    hi, my name is Alexey. i’m leader and founder interior design bureau DVOETOCHIE. I know, how to create cozy modern private architecture and interiors. I love my work and help you to create ideal dwelling with pleasure

  • Alisa Tochylovska

  • Anastasia Pinchuk

    My name is Nastya and confidently use such programs as: Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and a little understanding of Cinema 4D. I have the experience of graphic designer in a company that develops applications and also I help in editing of video inserts for Ukrainian blogger. I had to leave the country because of the war in Ukraine and I in search of a new life with a new job that is connected with design.

  • Anastasiia Mudrak

    I’m Ukrainian UI/UX designer with 1 year experience. Now I work remote in fintech company UnityBars.
    I’m wait for your answer.

  • Andrii Kolodiazhenskyi

    My name is Andrii.
    I work with Web and UX / UI, but I have different experience in the field of design: branding, banners, printing, etc.
    I create both desktop programs and sites, landings and mobile.
    What I’m looking for: a cool team that does no less cool projects that I want to talk about.
    Or project or one-time work.

    I create Web and UI in Adobe XD and Figma.
    I own Illustrator and Photoshop professionally.

    I create and have experience with UX / UI:

    Business card sites
    Landing page
    Many page sites.

    I also create the graphic design:

    identity (logos and corporate identity)
    printing products;
    e-mail design

    I create a simple animation in After Effects.
    Sometimes I work in Premier Pro.

    One of my latest projects:
    Examples of my work: and

  • Anna Nezdiyminoga

    I am a specialist in the field of graphic and user interface design.

  • Anna Sozutova

    Hello. I’m web-designer and I from Kharkov Now I am in a safe city and I really need any work. I can do an interface unique and comfortable for every user.

    I attach my link of my portfolio by this message. Please write my, I am ready by any suggestions.

  • Arsen Igorev

    Hello. My name is Arsen. I’m a Ukrainian web-designer. I would be grateful if you could help me find a job.

  • Bogdan Simokop

    Hello, my name is Bogdan, I’ve started my career in design.
    I studied at the WayUP school of Andrey Gavrilov. I am confident of using Figma, less confident with Adobe products, I can learn everything easily. my portfolio.

    Please consider my candidacy for this position. Now I am studying at the IT Academy “Step” for the position of UX / UI, in March 2022 I will finish and will be a confident Junior UX / UI Designer, I am looking for a job for experience in commercial development, at the initial stages I am ready to compensate for the lack of skills and knowledge with the volume of work and pay more the rest of the time this. Thanks in advance for your attention.

  • Daniel Duccik

    Hello. I am a designer from Ukraine. There is a war going on in my country and I had to be left without a job. I have over 4 years experience. mainly worked in the field of printing and menu creation. I have extensive experience in creating layouts for social networks and landing pages. I will be glad to help in cooperation

  • Dasha Rodina

  • Dmytro Svitlichnyi

    I’m a UX/UI designer focused on Web Development and Motion Design with 4+ years of experience.
    Able to work efficiently both individually and in a team.

    My skills:
    Strong knowledge of the grid, composition, color theory and typography.
    Motion design (ideascriptpre-productionproduction)
    Web Development using Webflow and Tilda
    Internet marketing skills

  • Emiliia Kostiana

    Hi. I’m a Ukrainian graphic designer and cultural worker, that is looking for freelance projects in Europe. As a designer, I mostly work in publishing (books, editorial). For the last year I worked in close cooperation with Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kyiv. My main tasks were centered around cover and layout design, social media posts, posters, presentation design and editing.
    Also, I have a great experience in organizing cultural events and public programs for museums and galleries. My work includes strategic planning, communication with participants and speakers, as well as curators of public spaces. I organized public talks and workshops on the topic of cultural heritage preservation, and lead classes about art and culture for children.
    I would be more than happy to discuss everything in details and finish some test tasks for your business.

  • Eve Koroleva

  • Ihor Boiko

    Hi guys.

    I’m Ihor, a logo and brand identity designer based out of Kyiv, Ukraine. I love your mission and would be proud to become a part of the No Shelter platform.

    All the best,

  • Ilona Pelekh

    I am a Creative Graphic Designer with highly developed skills in creating logos, business cards, posters, layout, social media designs, and brand identity. Someone whose hands are itching to put down some beautiful brands even more firmly. Design for me isn’t just a picture, it is something that has an idea. Because of the idea, the design has a chance to be alive.