• Tony


  • Yuliia Kovalevska


    My focus is on working with digital advertising materials, creating aesthetic products that meet clients requirements and design concepts. I love an effective working design and passionate for clean, minimal, intuitive interfaces.

  • Illia Tofanchuk

    I’m a young enthusiastic freelance designer based in Kyiv.

    I’ve been learning graphic design on my own since high school and feel very curious about improving my skills and extending them to the UI/UX field. I enjoy learning new things and constantly develop myself. I find inspiration in discovering new places and communicating with interesting people.

    I like solving difficult design problems and turning every challenge into valuable experience. I am motivated and dedicated to grow professionally as a UX designer.

  • Olena Ivanets

    My name is Olena Ivanets, I am interior designer. My whole conscious life is imbued with love for creativity, from painting pictures to creating a cozy atmosphere in the homes of our clients. I grew up in a family of construction and engineering, so from childhood I understand what is construction, design and responsibility in this area. Since graduating from the institute, I have worked in a family business, I have gained a lot of experience, and most importantly, the opportunity to independently implement projects, from an idea to its implementation. Behind my shoulders its considerable number of projects created by me (link to portfolio and publications on various information resources below).

    Today, my sister and I had to flee Ukraine because of the Russian attack, our parents still in our country. This is scary! And what scares the most is unknown. Being at home, we planned, built, lived with the thought of the future. Today we have been warmly sheltered in Slovakia, but for a short period of time. I need to find a job, provide for myself, my sister and send help to our parents in Ukraine. I can work remotely or locally, I can move to the office of a new company to another country if its need.

    I would like to continue working in my profession with great pleasure, to be useful with my knowledge and skills. My sister is studying to be an architect, in her first year at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. She will need to continue her study, but if there is no opportunity, she will have to go to work.

  • Yana Pyrizhok

  • Vikoriya Snigur

    UI/UX designer;
    Experience from 2 years;
    Knowledge of Figma, Tilda, Photoshop programs;
    I can turn ideas into effective design;
    Knowledge of modern web and mobile design trends;
    Enthusiasm, motivation for self-development and a positive attitude;
    Knowledge of typography, grids, color schemes;
    Attention to detail;
    Ability to start working immediately;
    English: Pre-Intermediate; Russian excellent; Ukrainian is excellent.
    Time management skills and focus on deadlines

  • Sonya Suprun

  • Yelyzaveta Brachuk

    I am motion-designer from Ukraine, which is now undergoing hostilities.And I really want to use my skills to help my country during this time.
    I have 2 years of design experience and during this time I have been involved in dozens of projects.
    I have skills in using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro.
    I also speak English at level B2 and German at level A2-B1. I have a degree in technical translation.
    I am ready to participate in any interesting projects and develop further.

  • Yana Bytsko

    My name is Yana. I’m UX/UI Designer.
    Due to the war in Ukraine, my husband and I were forced to leave Belarus due to possible mobilization, and now I am actively looking for a job as a web-designer.
    I would be grateful for your advice and suggestions.
    Regards, Yana

  • Vitalii Zakharenko

    Hi, my name is Vitalii.
    I am from Ukraine, I am 29 years old.
    I am a UI/UX designer
    I have experience working with websites and mobile applications, as well as closely cooperate with developers to implement our projects.

    Due to the situation in my country our project was frozen and our IT department was disbanded, so now I am open to new offers.

    My works https://figma.com/file/AZMXqWji5b0KxqKJkhGloS/My-works?node-id=318%3A3633

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Taras Yakovlev