• Nour Abiad


    As a graphic designer, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical skill to every project. My experience in digital marketing and photography allows me to understand the needs of my clients and create visually stunning designs that effectively communicate their message.

    I am also multilingual, fluent in English, Arabic and Turkish, which allows me to work with a diverse range of clients and effectively communicate with global audiences.

    Currently, I am living in Canada, a country known for its diversity, multiculturalism and beautiful landscapes. This exposure to different cultures and natural beauty has greatly influenced my approach to design, and I always strive to incorporate elements of these into my work.

    Whether you need a new logo, website, or marketing materials, I have the skills and experience to help bring your vision to life. Let’s work together to create something amazing.


    15 years of demonstrated experience producing original graphics using Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects), as well as advanced knowledge and experience using prototyping tools (i.e.Adobe XD, Figma, etc.)

    Excellent project management, presentation, and relationship-building skills.

    Working knowledge of CSS and HTML5 is considered an asset.

    Possess strong interpersonal communication skills with the ability to take initiative

    Demonstrated ability to manage time within a fast-paced environment where deadlines and challenges constantly evolve

    Languages spoken: English, Arabic and Turkish

  • Jeremy Sicotte


    Jeremy Sicotte is an accomplished documentary film director and producer with a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to create great documentaries If you’re thinking about making your own documentary, chances are you’ve already discovered just how hard it can be to get the funding together.

  • Nikita Sukhotovskyi


    Hi, my name is Nikita and I’m from Ukraine.

    I’d like to improve my skills in graphic design and photography. I really like to combine these two creative directions.

    And the most important thing is to help my country now to defend our freedom 🇺🇦